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Ignorance Explained
1 prepossession a preconceived opinion; a prejudice
2 vitiate 1. To reduce the value or quality of; impair or spoil. 2. To corrupt morally; debase: synonym: corrupt.
3 recalcitrant having an obstinately uncooperative attitude; see also: CONGRESS
4 oast a kiln used for drying hops; like a chimney
5 lacuna an unfilled space; gap
6 integument natural covering in biology, such as skin, a husk, or shell
7 farrago hodgepodge, mishmash, etc.
8 homunculus a very small human or humanoid creature
9 wain a wheeled cart pulled by a horse and used for carrying goods or people
10 apposite apt in the circumstances or in relation to something

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Definitions appearing on this page are generally either verbatim or derived from Merriam-Webster's College Dictionary, Tenth Edition, 1999 or its online counterpart.